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I have been buying Thrive Foods for years as I have tried to get a year's supply of foods in case of want or emergency.  When my sister became a consultant and started talking about her ideas and plans, I got a little more excited about finding ways to rotate my food and use it in every day cooking.  The food is top quality and tastes great.  I keep a small inventory in my kitchen pantry to use out of regularly--my Home Store is located in another area of our home--and it has saved me on more than one occasion when I have run out of something store-bought.  I became a consultant, mostly to get better pricing on my purchases, and to be honest, have been in the background for a while.  Stirrings of actually selling Thrive have been going on in my head and heart for a while and now I am ready to venture out and help others get these great foods for their own "Home Store."  I am trying a different angle by using online "parties."  Face it folks, we are too busy and not everyone wants to take the time to come to a Home Party.  So, take a look at our products, let me know if you have questions or if you want to book a tasting party.  And you can order right from my website.